Wednesday, March 12, 2008

crazy drivers

So from here on out I'll try to make at least
weekly updates here. So every friday I'll
sum up the week (what I've learned, Croatian
Culture, stuff like that) and then around that we'll just
have interesting events and my own random thoughts...

basically this should ensure that there are at least a few
official and useful things on this blog that describe the whole
study abroad experience on top of what I was already doing...this
poorly edited notes, thoughts, and whatever

enough of that

So our apartment is very close to a driving school...

After class today I went to the atm by the grocery store
to get money for the rent...It was fun, I was alone and I pretended
that people were following me so I walked all fast and official...doubling
back and stuff like that...

The street that my apartment is on is connected to other streets via one of those
traffic circle things. As I was walking down the hill to my street one of the student
driver cars passed by me. The driver must have been scared of the traffic circle thing because
she slowed the car very much. She was going down an extremely steep hill and 2 other cars and a
large truck were behind her. The screeching of their breaks was extremely loud and hurt my ears.

after she made it through the traffic circle a motorcycle came down the hill, blazed through the
circle and passed all 4 vehicles around a blind turn.

These sorts of things happen here...

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