Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Welcome Back Me

Sorry team, I've been really slacking in the recording my thoughts, dreams, aspirations, and feelings thing. It's okay, I assure you nothing really interesting has happened...I promise...

Today the first PLC/XML joint assignment was due. I finished it up during the break between classes and uploaded it about half an hour before the dropbox closed. I definitely waited a little bit too long before I started playing with the different languages and technologies. Needless to say I'm a little tired and the whole deadline experience wasn't as enjoyable as usual. I've learn my lesson in any case and I'll be starting next week's assignment tomorrow. I'll be heading to the school at like 10:30, that seems to be the best place to work with the fewest distractions. It's kind of similiar to going to work on the lab machines at RIT rather than on my computer in my dorm room.

After uploading I had an hour still before XML began. I was hungry so I walked down into the old city to the bakery with the nice old lady and the cute girl. Neither of them were there, but that was OK because the other lady is nice too. I bought a Calzone for 14 kuna and then walked over to the convenience store and bought .5 liters of Gusti for 7 kuna. Probably the cheapest lunch possible in the old city, it's my favorite anyway. I walked back and studied for the Environmental Science quiz that we didn't have and didn't study for the XML quiz that we did have. I should have seen it coming, looks like we'll be having quizzes in PLC and XML every Tuesday, seems reasonable enough.

Environmental Science is a funny class. All of the ACMT students in our section are freshman. When the five minute break comes after the first hour, EVERYONE who isn't American, including the professor, hurries down the stairs and out the door for a smoke. Today it was just the nine of us in the room alone so I suggested that we shut the door and declare ourselves an independent nation. The risk seemed greater than the reward and Stasa is an interesting teacher, so we let everyone back in the room. Our apartment needed groceries so we took care of that, somehow we came home with, among other items, 750 grams of Gouda. Looks like we might be moving, I'm fine with that so long as the landlord is fat (I read somewhere that you can't trust skinny landlords, don't ask me where, I won't explicitly remember) and the washing machine exists.



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